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Business and Management Consulting

calculator imageDoes your business (or business idea) need a tune-up?

Sometimes it's an overhaul, sometimes just a tweak; whatever level of advice you need for your business, or embryonic business idea, we can help.

The management issues that crop up in established businesses can be many and varied: skills shortages; financial concerns; project inconsistencies; HR issues; logistical problems. There's always a way through the various impasse situations, but that route can be hard to see from the inside. We can help you to look at your business afresh, to see the solutions and future possibilities.

It can be tricky to really think through your business and break what you do down into discrete steps. You're in it, you're working it and you know how it all goes together. That's often the case with established small and medium-sized businesses: There are a few key people that everyone else relies upon to know the answers.

But that kind of situation has inherent risks and can limit the growth of the business. It's not the case that everyone in the business needs to know everything about it but, where possible and practical, it can be a good idea to make sure the whole enterprise isn't reliant on too few people. That can be done with appopriate systems and training. Collaboration tools can help everyone to work together and be on the "same page". As a business owner those systems can give you a quick and efficient overview of how you are progressing toward your goals.

Early stage businesses, or those still in the concept phase, can quickly run into unforeseen problems without a clear plan. We can look at your concept and help you to pull it together into a robust proposal that can win the confidence of banks and investors.

Getting in touch

We're impartial. We always understand that you know your business best. We're here to provide sound advice and to help you facilitate the changes and developments you want for your organisation. Contact us