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Planning Your Business

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Plan the way forwardSo, you woke up in the middle of the night with a brilliant business idea. You either remembered it or, better still, wrote it down. Congratulations, you've started planning your business.

While the initial spark of inspiration is obviously very important, it won't cut it with lenders. You may find it frustrating that they are unable to visualise your magnificent vision but try to think about it from their point of view. Banks and venture capitalists are often faced with inexperienced people who may have no startup funds at all, and who may not have thought their business idea through properly. They are looking for the right project to invest in but they need strong reassurance that yours is that project.

Banks will usually require some kind of financial security before lending you any money. Other investors may be more flexible on the financial front but a fleshed-out and properly planned business proposal my be even more important to them than to the banks.

But the business plan isn't just for others. It's your road map to your business goals. You may get where you want to go without one but that certainly won't make things any easier and you'll spend a lot of time going round in circles.

Getting in touch

We can help you to get your business idea down on paper in a concise and coherent form; a plan that will act as an asset in the task of convincing and reassuring other parties, and one which will help you to see the way ahead. Contact us