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VoIP telephone system in a box

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Have you ever tried setting up phone lines for a business? It can be a nightmare of bureaucracy and errors. Traditional analogue and ISDN phone lines are inflexible and expensive. But there is a better way: VoIP.

For a fraction of the price of a traditional hardware-based PBX system you can have your own enterprise-class phone system. You simply pay for what you use. As your business grows you can easily add extra extensions and services. Extension prices start from just £8.50 per month. Also, remember that with VoIP the actual calls cost a lot less than what you would expect to pay via traditional phone services.

We can also provide all the hardware you need for the system via straightforward IP telephones or ordinary phones connected via a special router or adapter. If you are ordering equipment from us it will arrive pre-configured with your account settings and ready to use "out of the box".

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses your existing broadband connection to provide enterprise level telephony to even the smallest business, including features such as:

  • multiple incoming numbers
  • unlimited extensions
  • individual voicemail boxes
  • individual direct dial numbers
  • call recording
  • simple redirection and call forwarding to mobiles

VoIP takes the hassle out of telephony and puts you back in control. Having access to a "phone system in a box" gives you the ability to set up an "office in a box". Set up quickly and give a professional impression to your customers, whether you are working from home or from a large office.

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