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internet marketingBlack Hat, White Hat, SEO, article marketing, affiliate programs: What's it all about?

Internet Marketing is a vast, fast-moving and complex field. Maybe you're not interested because you market your business the "traditional" way. Maybe you are interested but don't know where to start.

Here's a pointer: "Black Hat" is not the way to go if you want your internet presence to survive and not get dumped by the search engines. "Black Hat" and "White Hat" simply refer to, respectively, search engine questionable (and possibly illegal) and search engine acceptable forms of online marketing. These terms usually come up in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is concerned with finding the right keywords and using other techniques to get your website ranked highly, for your preferred search terms, with search engines such as Google.

Online businesses are incredibly diverse these days. Many one-person businesses make large profits online simply using Internet Marketing techniques, without ever having a "core business" of their own to promote. If you asked one of these "internet marketers" how he/she made a living they would probably have a tough time explaining, if you hadn't heard of it before. Some, for example, make money by directing website traffic to the websites of other businesses where they get a percentage of the sale proceeds if the visitor buys. All websites need traffic in order to get sales and some are prepared to pay good money to get the right customers.

A modern business needs to be aware of the importance of Internet Marketing and have a some idea of how the various techniques and "kickbacks" work.

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