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It's Your Baby

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growing the business

It's easy to end up working for your business and not on your business. It's your baby - you set it up, you nurtured it - but that initial burst of creative enthusiasm may have got a bit swamped by the daily grind of running it.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Small to medium-sized businesses are changing: becoming more flexible; more savvy; more I.T.- literate. There are new, affordable, straightforward and efficient ways to help your business grow and keep it stable in turbulent economic times.

OK, you know your own business better than anyone else. That's absolutely true. But you know how it can be when you've been looking at something for a long time: it gets hard to see the problems (or the solutions). Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes on the issues; and some solid, independent advice.

Denebola Management Consulting can act as your consultant, to provide the advice and solutions you need. We'll sit down with you and find out about your business: structure; product; services; processes; finances; competitors. We'll can do an all-round "health-check" and come back to you with suggestions and, in full consultation with you, find the solutions.

Different businesses require different solutions. Sometimes that might mean considering a big change, such as re-structuring. More often, though, the business will just need a bit of a "tune-up". For example, getting tricky processes running slickly may not be as difficult as you might think: maybe you just need a clear and concise way of managing and updating them. Maybe your business is showing profits but your cashflow is letting you down: new or improved invoicing and debt recovery systems may help. Sometimes the solution can be simple: better communication.

We also understand the technology: VoIP telecoms; web hosting; Internet and intranet; project management systems; accounting software; office-to-office secure VPNs. All these technologies and more can form part of the the modern working environment. Your business needs to utilise them to stay ahead. We know how they work.

Getting in touch

Whether you are an established company, or a small start-up business looking for a head-start, we can assist in getting you fit for the future in order to meet your goals and aspirations. Contact us