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DMC assists

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newbornhampers logoWe have been working with the people at the upcoming baby gifts retail website to help them quantify the potential market and to target their offering correctly.

The newborn gifts market is huge in the USA - you may have heard of the parties they hold there for mums-to-be that they call "baby showers". The market here hasn't taken off to anything like the same extent yet but, from our research with, it's clear that the potential is there.

They're certainly taking the right approach with their pre-marketing. They have already set up the initial social media elements, including Twitter and Facebook, for the business. The graphical identity of the business also looks spot-on. Finding the right niche in this burgeoning and highly competitive market will not be easy but, if they continue with their current smart, steady and measured approach, they have a good chance of zoning in on a profitable area.