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Growing demand for VoIP

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We're noticing a big upsurge in demand for VoIP technologies. It's likely that this is down to the drive to cut costs and streamline business telecoms.


VoIP gateways, allowing simultaneous use of both IP and traditional telephony, are now high on many IT department shopping lists. But VoIP gateways aren't just for large offices: Manufacturers are now catering more than ever for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) market, and even for the home user.

"All in one" IP phones are also now in constant demand. Many offices don't want the hassle of administering a digital phone system and opt instead for compact and easy to use IP telephones which can be plugged straight into the network and configured locally or centrally for voice calling. With a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch at the heart of the network these phones don't even need their own power supplies, as they can draw power directly through the switch.

Even businesses with well-established traditional telephony systems are starting to offload these in favour of VoIP. They are beginning to realise that the cost of acquisition of these VoIP-based systems is more than outweighed by the cost savings in reduced line rental and call charges.

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